Our Profile

Next Generation  Information  Technology Limited, NXGIT Ltd. in short, is one of the leading IT solution & service providers in Bangladesh specializing in providing a wide range of software solutions & end to end technology service management. Initially it was  founded as Md.Nizam uddin chowdhury, Rocsana Akter Chowdhury (kajol), Mahammed Zakir, Shahidulalam chowdhury a digital archiving company owned by as Md.Nizam uddin chowdhury, Rocsana Akter Chowdhury (kajol), Mahammed Zakir, Shahidulalam chowdhury in 2015. NXGIT Limited started its March into the realm with a couple of overseas software development projects and executed them with great success & customer satisfaction.The Idea was to consolidate and outsource most of the IT functions of the group brining in synergy and efficiency while make it a profitable venture serving external customers as well.

Since the inception, NXGIT has been providing quality IT solutions to various organizations and solving their problems of aligning IT with business directions. We offer Software Solution Development & Deployment Services, Technology Outsourcing Services, Consultancy Services, and Managed IT Services which include Infrastructure Management, Deployment, and System Integration services to the clients. We currently focus on Financial Sector, Education Sector, Development Sector,, Manufacturing & Service sectors , Web Design, Graphic Design of Bangladesh.

NXGIT is one of the most IT based service providing organizations in Bangladesh having more than 15 talented, highly qualified, efficient and innovative employees hand-picked by the management of the organization. We are committed to help our clients to achieve operational efficiency through transforming their existing operations by using our best valued solutions and services. We deliver world class solutions and services to our customers. Our international quality IT solutions and service are available at the most convenient way so that large, medium & even small enterprises can improve their productivity and day to day operational activities.


We exist to make our customers perform their business more efficiently and effectively by providing innovative technology based solutions

 To create flexible, easy, secured and affordable solutions locally and globally
To be known for understanding its customers’ business
To remain as the dream destination for IT professionals

Caring Reliable Innovative Simple POSITIVE We will be Professional, Optimistic, Solutional, Interactive, Thankful, Indulgent, Valuer & Enjoy our work at our workplace.



We are committed to make a difference in our client’s business operation by delivering quality products and services aligning with their business objectives. Our automated prescribed process ensures the following quality guidelines:
•Understand client’s business & operation process.
•Conduct reliable study to measure client’s business performance.
•Quickly identify client’s operational problems systematically.
•Provide flexible, secured & affordable solution for increasing sustainability.
•Increase customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes a highly professional level of communication is ensured between us and our valued clients.


Our corporate philosophy establishes the fundamental principles of our management system. Our operational and performance standards translate the corporate values into specific management expectations. We preserve a high level of business ethics characterized by integrity and honesty in all our business actions. Our corporate philosophy is summarized to the following principles:
•Adopting high standards of ethics in our business practices.
•Guaranteeing highly competitive & best quality services to clients.
•Promising to achieve reliability, efficiency and performance of our products & services.
•Engaging a highly skilled human resources supported by an effective organizational structure.
•Implementing an ‘equal opportunities’ and ‘eco-friendly’ work environment for all the employees.


We are a standalone organization that provides high end quality products & services with endurable commitment with the following corporate key features:
•Corporate reputation and industry experience.
•Expert operation management team
•Affordable product & service assurance.
•Quality of project work & hassle free execution.
•On time project delivery & after sales support.
•Maintain project security & privacy.
•Guaranteed user-friendly solution.
•Single point communication.
•Professional certification.
•24×7 customer service.






NXGIT ensures that, all parts of the business have the favorable effect on the environment by applying an environmental management system and by following the principles of eco- friendly green environment. We are committed to protect any pollution her ever possible in our premises. Whilst improving new products, services and processes to facilitate this stoppage, existing systems and processes are also evaluated in order to identify areas for pollution prevention. The following approaches are followed to accomplish any product, service, system or process:
•Adhering to a healthful workplace by ensuring properly trained and safety conscious employees.
•Responsible use of energy and giving priority to use renewable energy source wherever possible.
•Engaging all employees in reclining program of paper, plastic, and other e-waste.
•Promoting the prevention of pollution to avoid any employee health Imbalance.
•Striving to continually improve environmental management system and performance.
We convey every employee and contractor to follow the above principles and report to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Team for any favors.